Friday, 4 March 2011

See If They Care!

Yesterday's by-election in Barnsley Central was a fairly predictable landslide to the Labour Party, with the Conservatives pushed into third behind UKIP, and Liberal Democrat Dominic Carmen losing his deposit and being relegated to the part of the table usually labelled "others". What is really fucking worrying to me though, is that only 36.5% of those eligible to vote actually bothered to do freely, what people in other countries literally risk life and limb to do.

Its pretty obvious that if more than 60% of the population can't be arsed using a right that generation after generation of their very recent ancestors fought to win them, then whoever does end up in charge of the country has a green light to do more or less whatever they fucking please for five years. Privatise the health service? Triple tuition fees? License arsenic as a children's medication? Why the fuck not? They obviously don't give a shit! Why the fuck should a politician give a damn about keeping their manifesto promises, when the majority of the population couldn't even tell them what those promises were?

Don't give me any of that "not voting is an act of protest" bullshit either. Turning up and wiping your arse on the ballot paper would be an act of protest, and at least they have to count soiled ballots. Not voting is an act of pure bloody bone-idleness, in some ways I hate them more than lifelong Tory voters and they should be ashamed of themselves! No, actually, shame would be a kind of an opinion, and when you refuse to take part in the democratic process you give up the right to have an opinion, on anything important anyway. Perhaps they should just piss off to some country where they don't expect you to slightly inconvenience yourself by walking half a mile to the local polling station once a year, like Saudi Arabia perhaps, or North Korea.

A slightly more practical solution, and one that would also help us cut the deficit, is a 25% tax hike for anyone who doesn't vote, a "Didn't-Poll" Tax if you like. Chances are that those affected will be too busy watching "My Big Fat Gypsy Talent Factor" to notice and even if they do, who gives a fuck? If they couldn't be arsed voting they're unlikely to sign a petition, let alone put in the effort required to start even a medium sized riot.

So fuck 'em! Cut all their public services, tax the hell out of them and give it all to fat cat bankers, turn their elderly relatives into soylent green and sell their kids into slavery.

See if they care!

Rant ends.

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